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Time has moved on.

Power has shifted.

New greed replaces the old.


But to remain free in the city of chains,

that is still the greatest prize.

First I stole to survive...

then I survived to steal.

I am one man;

I hear your secrets,

see your hidden truths.

What is yours is mine.

I Am Garrett...

I Am the shadows, the dark and deadly,

the dark and deadly, the velvet night.

You will not see me coming.




The bow is perhaps the most vital asset in the Master Thief's arsenal. This composite wonder folds down for stealthier movement.


While an arrow to the knee can cripple, an arrow to the head is often lethal. With the right attachment, arrows can also change the environment in the Master Thief's favor.


Sometimes, the only way around the Baron’s Watch is through it. A little smack on the head and it's naptime for any guard.


Rooftops and ledges are the Master Thief's natural habitat. This high-tech grapple makes it easier to reach higher ground.

The Baron’s Watch

Darkness and disease have set upon The City, where the Baron rules with an iron fist.

The Baron’s rules are severe and his punishments unforgiving. The militia is there to make sure of that.

The Graven

Sickness and oppression have robbed the citizens of their freedom, their happiness, and now threatens their very lives.

The chains are chafing. Tensions mount. The people turn to anyone who can offer a ray of hope


Well connected to the shadiest of businesses, Basso is the nearest thing Garrett has to a friend.

Basso's trusty familiar, Jenivere, is a thieving magpie who makes an apt messenger to Garrett's clock tower hideout.

The House of Blossoms

The owner of the opulent and discreet House of Blossoms deals in carnal distractions, but secrets and favours are her preferred currency.

Petals and Blossoms staff the House, entertaining patrons by arousing some senses... and dulling others.